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Loan Application

Wish to transform your house into your dream home? Or you need to make space for your expanding family? Renovation costs may seem daunting and it is crucial to consider the cost involved. If you want to have peace of mind and focus on designing and enhancing the beauty of your new home, you may consider taking up a renovation loan.

What renovation loan generally covers: –

  1. Interior Designing
  2. Electrical works
  3. Carpentry
  4. Floor & wall tiling
  5. Plumbing works
  6. Painting
  7. Addition/Alteration of façade of the house

Most of the banks in Singapore offer renovation loan with varying interest rates and perks to house owners to finance their dream home. However, if you need the loan to cover home furnishing as well, a separate Home Furnishing loan needs to be taken up with the bank. Do note that Home Furnishing loan’s interest rates differ from Renovation Loan.

We have renovation loans of different loan tenure, interest rates, suited for each borrower’s eligibilities, offered by various banks in Singapore.

For a detailed explanation, please kindly contact the respective banks for more information. Alternatively, do drop us a call at +65 69747696 or email support@artispacedesign.com and we will arrange for our bankers to liaise with you.