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Project Management & Contracts

You have a vision for a new design. You may even have sketches or a detailed plan. But it’s not just the vision you need, it’s the implementation too. Detail by detail, step by step, good project management is vital in saving your time, money, and stress, while bringing your vision into reality. An interior design project manager supervises an interior design project from start to finish. They lead, organise, and motivate the renovation team and ensure the project gets done on time and in accordance with the client’s unique specifications. 

Close communication is maintained throughout. Communication is key, and an integral part of the design process. Throughout all the project phases we maintain regular contact with customer via WhatsApp chatgroup that we created for every new projects. This is to ensure transparency between our designers & customers from the start of the project till the handover. At every phase or juncture we will always keep our customers in the loop. It’s not just about talking, it’s all about developing and maintaining real and sustainable relationships with our clients.